Dear RHMRBL members,

The executive has convened and plans are now in motion to get the ball rolling for ​2018​. The 3​4​th season for the RHMRBL is poised to be another great one, filled with good baseball, good friends and good laughs. Events to look forward to in 201​8​: Draft Day, Spring Training Day, All-star game,​ ​and league banquet. If you were at any of these events last year, you know they’re going to be good​!

Registration for the 201​8​ season will open December 20th, 201​7​. ​Unfortunately, rising costs have required us to raise registration for 2018 to $45​0​. ​Please note that if you are not registered by 11:59pm on March 1st, 2018 you will be ineligible to play at any time during the 2018 season (NO EXCEPTIONS). Full payment of registration ​and a signed waiver ​are also required by ​March 1st, 2018 in order​ to be included in the 201​8​ RHMRBL Draft @ WEGZ.

New for this season we will also be offering a new lower cost option for members and rookies who wish to be ​in our "development" league.  ​Both league members and rookies will now have the option to be apart of one of two 'development teams', which will include a 10 game season.​ All players on both teams will also be assigned to one of the six regular teams, and can be called up/down for any games where your team is short on guys or as injuries occur.​ If you are interested in this option, please contact the executive for all the details.

RHMRBL will be playing a 24-game schedule for the 201​8​ season and ​will be moving away from division play, meaning the top 2 teams overall will receive a bye for the first round of the playoffs. In the Playoffs, the t​op two teams​ will receive the bye and the ​four​ remaining teams will play each other in a Wild Card Series. The winners of the WC will then play the​ top two teams​ and the winners will face off in the Championship Series for the 201​8​ Reaper Cup.

I am excited about what we have in store for the membership this year and you should be too​!​ A list of dates and events will be out early in the New Year to give you ample time to schedule your summer and details will be posted on and on social media, so make sure you check often.

As usual if you have any comments and/or concerns or you would like to be a 201​8​ sponsor, you can contact me.


Cell (10am-10pm): 416-984-4953



Ryan Sourlis
RHMRBL President 

Last Updated: Mar 20 2:01 AM