A controversial figure, our League Legend series focuses yet again on one of our founding fathers, Bob Barton.

Bob grew up playing baseball in Barrie. He took a liking to the game and its rules. Bob loved studying the intricacies of the game itself-having the mental edge and being able to contradict what someone thinks is fair with what is actually right. He used this knowledge to get under the skins of his opposition-often conversing with umpires during the course of play or between innings.

Barton was an imposing figure-big thick mustache, loud boisterous voice, and no concern for what anyone else thought.

Best known for his pitching, Barton's greatest accomplishments aren't listed on our website. He entered our illustrious Hall Of Fame in 1999, and was instrumental in the creation of our league.

His years on the Executive were remembered by most he played with as some of the "best run years". Bob served as league president for two years-helping grow our incredible league into what it is today.

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