He’s fast. Real fast. He can also track a ball down in the outfield with the best of ‘em! This three time champion is one of the funniest characters in the league and a definite asset to any team. In our Today’s Stars we’re proud to feature the great Alim Manji.

Whether he’s laughing it up in the lot, or setting fire to the base paths on the diamond, Alim is genuine, gritty ball player. Typically at the top of the lineup, the 11 year veteran can slash or drive the ball. Blessed with speed to burn, he can hurt his opposition in multiple ways.

The righty Center Fielder has found a true home in the RHMRBL. He’s one of the most recognizable players-flashy, humorous, and always up for a good time! We’re proud to have him as a part of our tapestry.

Alim Front

Alim Back

Last Updated: Aug 9 5:10 PM