Yesterday we concluded our Annual General Meeting. Our executive board for 2019 has been selected. We are incredibly thankful for all the dedicated hours and hard work that has gone into the 2018 season as we work towards the playoffs, awards, and banquet. In our segment today of League Legends we look back to an individual that has served in every role of our exec, including two runs as our league president. Chris “Darby” Moncayo was a beacon of light during one of the biggest transition phases in league history.

Moncayo, as he was known to most, was a fair and honest leader. He was also a Svenner recipient (2012), HOF member (2016), 4 time captain (2008, 2009, 2013, 2014) and won the Reaper Cup once. Both an infielder and a pitcher, Darby was always clutch. Going into the 2018 season he was the All-Time leader in HBP, and amongst the greatest in many statistical categories. 

As mentioned, Chris has served in multiple executive roles, some years taking on more than one role. He is also the founder of the platform we use for our website - providing it to the league free of charge.

No one can predict what the future holds, but we’re hopeful that the future of the RHMRBL has Chris Moncayo returning.

Moncayo Front

Moncayo Back

Last Updated: Aug 27 5:13 PM