Every successful squad seeks youth. However, youth without maturity often leads to both dissension and a breakdown in chemistry. Regardless of talent, the ability to gel between generations is often a major catalyst for success when dealing with youthful talent. Such is the case with Today’s Star Sean “Weety” Weetom.

In only his sixth serviceable season, Weetom has emerged as a league favorite and consistent talent. He took home his first Reaper Cup in 2017, and was one of many major weapons in a highly successful campaign.

Although quiet on the field, he lets his speed, bat, and glove do most of the talking. Typically batting at the top of the line-up, Sean possesses an uncanny ability to force his way onto the base paths, causing anxiety for his opposition.

Annually moving up the draft ranks, there’s no doubt this young star will find his way to the top of the pool as we head towards new heights in the RHMRBL.

Weetom Front

Weetom Back

Last Updated: Aug 28 5:02 PM