Everyone dreams of coming up with the big hit; bottom of the last inning, bases juiced, count running full, game on the line. It takes a real clutch player with nerves of steel to get the job done. Few players have the same presence at the dish as the über clutch, super bearded, iron man himself-Nathan Mason!

Nate is one of the most solid middle-of-the-line up guys you can find. He can hit, run, play D, and smile with the best of them! This super fit superstar carries one of the most infectious positive attitudes, and is always there to pick his teammates up.

A savvy veteran, Nate has taken home The Reaper Cup once, and was a major contributor to its run in 2012.

Every squad he’s played on has benefited from his enthusiastic game play and cheerful parking lot presence! We can’t wait to track this star’s career into the next decade!

Mason Front

Mason Back

Last Updated: Sep 4 5:33 PM