Tal Grossman burst onto the RHMRBL scene in 2011 capturing Rookie of the Year honors that same year. Since then “Tali-G” hasn't slowed down, quickly establishing himself as one of the leagues elite players. 

When Tali steps on to the diamond he has one goal in mind - dominating the opposition and securing a win for his team. Fueled by his insatiable desire to succeed, Tali-G has lead his team to two championships in his first six seasons.

Can he beat you with his glove? A top SS, he captured the league Old Glove in 2013.

Can he beat you at the dish? He is top 10 all time in AVG, OBA, SLG, and OPS.

Can he beat you on the bases? Always a threat to swipe a bag, a walk may as well be a triple for “T.G”.

Doing whatever it takes to win, Tali is never afraid to “wear one” as he is the league’s all time leader in HBP (despite having 471 fewer AB's than second place). 
There is no better example of player in the league you hate to play against but love to have on your team. 
In addition to his contributions on the field, Tal has joined the league executive as VP of Sponsorship, bringing in valuable new sponsors which help keep our league running. He is also the mastermind behind the player cards we've all enjoyed this season, spending countless hours creating each one. 

As the 2018 playoffs loom, his teammates are glad to have him, while his opposition is looking forward to 2019 where they may have a chance to play with Tali-G, one of today's brightest stars.


Tal Front

Tal Back

Last Updated: Sep 6 4:20 PM