Last night marked the end of the 2018 RHMRBL season, with the Astros collecting the Reaper Cup backed by Alan Akselrod's 7th win of the playoffs. That's both wins in each of the first two rounds and again all three in the finals, racking up over 60 innings in process. Of course a tip of the hat has to go the indominatable Dodgers, who like the Astros were largely written off halfway through the season.

The Astros opened the floodgates early, with their astronomical offence putting up 6 runs in the first inning, as Axe shut the Dodgers down setting them down in order. Not done, the Astros notched a couple more in the second as Farhaan led off with a homer, and Cozzolino followed with seemingly his dozenth double of the series. By the time the Dodgers finally scored a run, the Astros had already hit double digits, never once taking their foot off the peddle, closing the night, and season, out to the tune of a 13-5 victory.

While we've praised Akselrod's unprecedented postseason, the undeniable belle of the ball was none other than AJ "The New Curse" Leitch, who finally got to hoist the Reaper Cup. Who would've thought that this sixth place team would be the one to lead Leitch to the promise land. Especially after losing their first round pick to injury. That said, Cooper and Bucky were welcome additions, great glue guys and more than capable contributors. It was a pleasure to watch these Astros come together through the playoffs, and while some of us on the outside may still be sore from our loses, we cannot help but be happy for these guys.

Stay tuned for one more celebration, and find out who takes home the MVP, Old Glove and more as the year end banquet is just around the corner!

Last Updated: Oct 5 5:11 PM