We're inching closer to November 9th and our annual banquet, and we've made a few changes this year that ought to make the night even more enjoyable. We're still meeting for food and drinks at WEGZ (2601 Rutherford Rd) 7 PM, November 9th with the following details remaining the same:

  • $30 Admission
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Pop, tea, coffee included
  • Cash Bar
  • Dinner @ 8
  • Awards @ 8:30

The changes include a true buffet spread (no plated portion like the last few years), with tons of pizza, wings, apps, salads, etc. But the best bit comes in a free first drink to wet your whistle. Finally, don't forget about all the awards we'll be handing out.

  • League MVP
  • League Old Glove
  • League Svenner
  • Pitcher Of The Year
  • 10/20/25/30 Year Survivors
  • Manager Of The Year
  • Batting Title Champ
  • Presidents Award
  • Hall Of Fame Inductees
  • Team MVPs
  • Team Old Gloves
  • Playoff Pitcher
  • Playoff MVP
Please RSVP by the 8th to confirm your attendance here: http://evite.me/mDmMp4TU4w

Last Updated: Oct 23 5:49 PM