Registration is closed and the 2019 season, our milestone 35th, is underway!

Last night, our six captains (Katz, So, Moore, Rendek, Sourlis and Abrahams) met under the watchful eyes of President Jimmy Anderson Jr. and Vice-President Tal Grossman to prepare for Draft Day 2019, just one week from today, noon March 9th at WEGZ.

While many topics were discussed, including new captains responsibilties, rules, and pace of play, the real draw of the night was indeed a draw, that of the all important draft order. Shirking his seniority, Dickie chose to flip convention on its head instead allowing the most junior captain, OG to put his hand in the bucket first.

With the number 4 appearing on his jersey in two of his three seasons, Moore captured the card with that number finding himself in the middle of the six man rotation. Next up, Katz once again found himself in the bottom half of the order (having never picked above 4 in his tenure as captain) pulling the 5th pick. Staying in order, the 6th pick then fell to Sourlis, who was followed followed by Mookie taking the home the top pick in #1 overall. Rounding things out PSo and Dickie took 3rd and 2nd, respectively.

All that said, there's been an incredible amount of chatter this morning as picks are not set in stone until 10PM tonight. So stay tuned to our socials: Facebook and Twitter, as we'll announce any moves as they become official. Also forthcoming, our team reveal! In case you can't tell, we're really excited about what this year promises to have in store!

Last Updated: Mar 3 6:56 AM
Last Contributed by: Nick Moore