2019 Draft and Trade Results

Nick Moore, Monday March 11, 2019

This weekend saw the always exciting draft at WEGZ, and by all standards it was an incredible success! There were more than 50 ballers in attendance to see the captains take their first crack as crafting their rosters.

We found out Mookie likes Levy, taking him ahead of his previous first round pick and reigning MVP, Waylen Nelson. Dickie then took the always energetic and enthusiatic Tal Grossman with the second pick, as another 2018 Royals Jake Klotz came in at #3, once again donning the baby blues for Ryan Sourlis and his Rays. Taking what he thought was the first pitcher of the year (to which Levy took umbrage), rookie captain Moore took the aforementioned Nelson. The focus then turned to multi-positional talents as Josh Winer and James Allison rounded out the first round, going to Katz's Cardinals and So's Giants, respectively.

Find the rest of the picks as they went down with the draft board, and find out about the trades after the jump.

Once again we used an abreviated trade window, ending at 10 PM Sunday, even further shortened by daylight savings. Our captains were incredibly busy, however in the end we only managed to match last year's total of three deals consumated. They are as follows:

Trade 1

Phillies get: Alan Akselrod, Paul Della Penna and Martin O'Brien

Giants get: Mark Archibald, Brad Marks and Cambeez Mulla

Trade 2

Giants get: Dave Chong

Pirates get: Kevin Ciaravella

Trade 3

Pirates get: Michael Stringer

Rays get: Andrew Robinson

The rosters are now set, as least as until we add a pair of rookies to each, and we'll update that once the draw has been completed next weeked. Until then take a look at the rosters as they stand now, and prepare yourself for the milestone 35th season here at the Richmond Hill Men's Recreational Baseball League!