Every baseball card set has its rare inserts. Those “specialty” cards that kids dream of owning. We’ve had to dig deep in the historical mines to find this 1/1 gem!

2012 was a special year. Jason Booth won the batting title with a .615 average. Derek Zaretsky played an entire season and won the MVP. A.J. Leitch and Chris Moncayo were both elected to the Hall Of Fame. And Jay Rechtshaffen and Eric Seidel battled it out on a warm July evening for the right to keep or shave Jay’s moustache.

Infamously known as “The Showdown,” the league gathered on that Thursday night at Diamond 7 to witness what is now known as the birth and death of Dirty Sanchez. 

Both could pick their defenses from the players at the field. They would pitch to one another using ghost runners. He who scores the most runs before retiring the other three times would be declared the winner. 

On the line if Jay wins: fully paid registration for the upcoming season, $100 from Seidel, James Allison’s yellow bat, and an astounding 39 P6’s erased.

On the line if Seidel wins: the team gets to shave Jay’s moustache.

In front of 70+ league members the two battled into extra innings. In the end, Seidel prevailed.

Cheers could be heard across the lot as a rusted razor was produced. Staying true to his word, Jay honored the bet, and the “Sanchez” mustache was eliminated.

You never know what shenanigans will happen post game in The RHMRBL. One thing is certain, there’s no other league that can compare!

Last Updated: May 20 6:10 PM
Last Contributed by: Nick Moore