Historical Moment - 2008 White Sox

RHMRBL Admin, Monday May 20, 2019

History can serve as a fantastic teacher. The 2008 White Sox are an incredible example of how an average group of guys can come together to create extraordinary results. Playing through a losing regular season (11 wins, 13 losses), the group led by the sensational hitting of Jordan Webb, and remarkable pitching of Mike “The Kid” Vent and Daryle Godard, were able to come together to win it all. 

Adversity in sports can either tear a team apart or bring them closer together. With the leadership of veterans like Dan “Bucky” Buchanan and Andy Boroszok, the White Sox went on a playoff run that left them in the history books as champions!

With the 2019 season in full swing, we can’t wait to see what historical moments come from our 35th season!