Class, character, charisma, and collected - all characteristics that classify our chosen card - the superstar, Jake Klotz.

One of the best natural hitters in the game, the 2015 Rookie Of The Year and 2016 Season MVP, is a top choice. Serving his 4th year on the executive, Klotz is both a student and a leader in the game. His quiet demeanor is overshadowed by his brilliant gameplay. Whether behind the dish, at short stop, or patrolling the outfield, this All Star has every characteristic of a future RHMRBL Hall Of Famer.

Although injury has slowed his 2019 start, his Rays are confident that come the playoffs their top draft choice will be ready to dominate!

We’re proud to have this class act of a man as our own!

Last Updated: May 21 4:06 PM
Last Contributed by: Nick Moore