In 35 years we’ve sure seen our fair share of characters. Some boisterous, some abrasive, and some, like our Rising Star Chris “Two Chainz” Bascom, are just downright amazing.

Joining the league in 2017, Bascom was mentored by Tal Grossman, James Allison, Jordan Levy, and Richard Rendek. It’s truly a wonder how he remains sane to this day! 

The fireballer has great command of his arsenal. A good rising fastball, strong curve and change up, and his secret pitch “The Widow Maker” he typically saves for the parking lot!

Often seen with a huge entourage - his following grows annually as do the chains around his neck!

Having future stars like CB only furthers to solidify the fact that The RHMRBL’s future is bright and strong!

Last Updated: May 22 5:21 PM
Last Contributed by: Nick Moore