It’s impossible not to honor our league history without remembering these two iconic, legendary figures.

35 years ago this month James Anderson helped found our incredible league. Less than a decade later, one of the most iconic players Dave Repath, helped transform the RHMRBL from a mere recreational league to a competitive division with the most sensational after party. Their combined efforts helped sustain the growing brotherhood and enrich it with a personality like none other. In those days rookies were always welcome, but had to prove their worth. P6 penalty counts were tabulated and cashed in regularly to ensure there was ample flow post game. Winning and losing mattered, but character became an integral part of how teams were picked, and how the lot was managed. In the absence of James Sr, his son James Anderson Jr. has taken over the reigns. The league will forever be enshrined with The Reaper Cup, immortalizing the living legend himself.

Today we pay homage to these two super studs and thank them both for their efforts, dedication, gameplay, and time spent making the RHMRBL the greatest league in the GTA!

Last Updated: May 23 3:38 PM
Last Contributed by: Nick Moore