Veteran Star - Andy Boruszok

Nick Moore, Wednesday June 5, 2019

He’s an absolute legend. He leads the league in multiple all-time categories. A svenner, an old glove recipient, and a multiple time champion we’re talking about none other than - Andy Boruszok.

Since joining the league over 30 years ago, “Boring Socks” has had an impact. The veteran star is both a presence on and off the field, often closing the lot. Andy is one of the steadiest and most steadfast players. Controlling the game from behind the plate, he knows everyone’s weaknesses and is fast to expose them to his battery mate.

Versatile and cunning, Andy has led many squads to the promised land, and if this year is any indication, shows no signs of slowing down.

Here’s to “The Man” himself, the one and only Andy Boruszok!