2011 was a ‘transitional’ year for the RHMRBL. As some long standing veterans like Desmond Williams, Jim Anderson Sr. and Marv Weiman were contemplating retirement, Rookie and Rising Stars like Josh Winer and James Allison were just finding their niche.

No one predicted the 2011 Champion Brewers would accomplish all they did. Finishing the regular season at 11-13, this squad found its groove when they needed it most. Ryan Sourlis captured the Playoff Pitcher award, while the aforementioned Winer took home Playoff MVP honours. League sponsor Pat Doran took home his first Reaper Cup, and Allison and Landon Wideman performed under the watchful eyes and leadership of Desmond Williams.

As depicted so many times in league history, the regular season is no indication of what lies in the hearts of champions when it matters most.

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