Sponsor - Major League Painting

Nick Moore, Tuesday July 2, 2019

After a long weekend of partying, cleaning up and repairing the mess can be challenging! Our Sponsor focus today is on one of our returning sponsors. When it comes to repairing and refinishing those walls, a room, your house, or office, Pat Doran and Major League Painting are the ones to call!

“We focus on quality service at competitive pricing.” From all the online reviews it’s quite clear that ML Painting is head and shoulders above others. Concise, timely, high quality work is what Major League Painting has built its incredible reputation on! Support our league sponsors, but more importantly, get the job done right the first time! Call Pat 416-985-8824 or email @ patrickdoran@live.com. Check them out on Facebook - Hitting Home Runs with every paint stroke!