Veteran Star - Dave Chong

Nick Moore, Wednesday July 3, 2019

Chicken Anyone?

We have the MVP award, the Cy Young award, Gold glove and even the Svenner award.  But if there ever was a “Best Teammate” award, I challenge anyone to find a better teammate than Dave “Chicken” Chong.  Chonger, as he’s better known around the league, has over the years supplied countless pieces of delicious, deep friend chicken (& plenty of sides!) to his teammates following a Friday night game.  He’ll jump into his car right after the game and picks up a feast for his starving teammates.  He’ll decline all donations to help cover the costs but will gladly accept a heartfelt thank you.

On the field, Chonger is equally as supportive and generous.  He’ll never complain about playing time and unselfishly first to volunteer to play half if he notices an excess of bench players.  He is always willing to play wherever he’s pencilled in without any gripes and he’ll do it with an earnest effort.  Often overlooked for his offensive contribution, at time of print, he’s currently leading his team in hitting. 

Guys love playing with him because he keeps the team loose with his quick wit, sense of humour, and his relatability to you and all your off-field interests.  You’ll always get a pat on the back for a job well done or when you just booted the ball.  The only downside to Chonger is his time is spread pretty thin between his family and demanding work so the league is worse off when he fails to make a bunch of games but when he does show up, everyone’s spirits immediately rise.  He’s that kind of special.

We need more Chongers in the league and in our lives. ~ PSo