Historical Moment - 2013 Athletics

Nick Moore, Thursday July 4, 2019

The 2013 Athletics were by no means tearing the league up, closing with an even 12-12 record. Graced with sensational defense and leadership, they cruised through the regular season flying much under the radar. The Diamondbacks that summer were the team to beat. They housed the Home Run Champ, Rookie Of The Year, and Season MVP Tony Manakakis. The 17-7 Diamondbacks peaked prior to the playoffs, opening the door for the A’s.

In the first game of the final round it all came together for the Athletics. Battling injuries, the A’s stars stepped up. Tal “Tali-G” Grossman hit 2 home runs on D7, while Asem Estafanos cranked one out as the Athletics took charge and wrote history. Veteran Stars like Andy Boruszok played levels above, while young stars like Landon Wideman, Paul Cook, Barry Lexchin, and the heavily decorated Alan Akselrod settled nerves and came up clutch. Under the calm and positive leadership of Rob Katz, they ran the playoff gauntlet and emerged victorious to claim their spot in the RHMRBL’s historical annuls. 

We have a full schedule of games this weekend! Summer looks to be in full swing as everyone jockeys for playoff position.