Veteran Star - Jordan Winch

Nick Moore, Tuesday July 30, 2019

One of the greatest feelings in baseball is cruising through a season in first place. That sense of control and trust in your teammates is priceless in this sport. Superior to that feeling is participating in that success. It takes many working pieces, some cogs, some springs, and some very well oiled parts. Jordan “Dubs” “JDub” Winch is one of the hardest working pieces on any team.

Winch came bolstering out of the South Side League in 2012. Since joining the RHMRBL he’s mowed down his competition. “JW” has a history of winning. With three decades of slinging under his belt, this steady, durable workhorse approaches each start with the same-two hours of treatment, a jar of tiger balm, possibly some KT tape, and a whole lot of evil ready to be whipped at you!

Socks pulled high (and awesomely logo’d to whatever team he’s on), the fireballer comes at you with a crazy assortment of pitches. Fastball, deuce, changeup, slider, forkball-the options seem limitless, the effectiveness, unquestionable.

Of equal note, Winch is a staple in the lot. His sarcasm knows no bounds as he laughs and makes others around him do the same. Truly a special piece in any circle.

With one title under his belt, the mega star looks to make 2019 his year as him and his star-studded Cardinals sit atop the standings. Bring on the post season!