Veteran Star - Danny Alexander

Nick Moore, Friday August 2, 2019

Arguably one of the nicest guys The RHMRBL has ever produced; “Danny A” is having one of his all time best campaigns! The 6 time champion, Old Glove recipient, playoff MVP, perennial All Star, seemingly has no quit! He’s at the top of the leaderboards both historically and this season. Danny plays with grit and determination. The soft spoken veteran still has above average speed and a fantastic glove. His calming presence assures his squad that come playoffs, everything is going to be alright. 

D.A. is part of the RHMRBL Hall Of Fame (2007). He has captained and mentored many teams throughout his remarkable career. Danny continues to lead by example, all the while maintaining a positive attitude and a wicked bat.

The league just wouldn’t be the same without superstars like Danny Alexander. A true class act through and through.