Veteran Star - Duane Jackson

Nick Moore, Monday August 12, 2019

Duane “Action” Jackson has seen and done it all. He was a league MVP, a worthy Hall of Famer in 2008 and a winner of 3 Reaper cups all in his 21 years in the league. What I admire most about Action is his continued love of the game, his passion for the league and his camaraderie with new and veteran players.

Most recently, he captained the Astros in 2018 and his team finished last in the regular season. But being the veteran star that he is, Action got the last laugh as his team reversed course and won it all… proving once again that regular season success does not always translate to playoff success.  

Here’s to your next 21 years, Action… I’m sure you’ll still be a key factor in both the team and the league. ~ PSo