Veteran Star - Alan Kaplan

Nick Moore, Wednesday August 14, 2019

Sponsorship money helps keep our league afloat. Our annual draft and banquets are all subsidized by the generous donations raised by both our executives and league members alike. Few have been as generous as Dr. Alan Kaplan. His annual donation has helped our beloved league survive through some of the ‘rougher patches’ in league history. “Doc” is as generous as he is kind, medically helping and, in some cases, saving players' seasons.

Now in his 28th season, Kaplan is in search of title number seven. A Hall Of Fame inductee in 2000, the mild mannered first baseman has always been known for his gritty determination and ability to reach base at crucial times.

“Baseball is about talent, hard work, and strategy. But at the deepest level, it's about love, integrity, and respect.” ~ Pat Gillick
Doc, you are loved and respected. Thanks for being the awesome veteran you are.