Veteran Star - Waylen Nelson

Nick Moore, Thursday August 15, 2019

When I first entered The RHMRBL I didn’t know what to expect. I knew through hearsay that the league as filled with some very special characters, but until you play each team once through, you don’t know who’s who and what’s what. For rookies, it was known that life could be a little tougher. My three vets in my inaugural summer were Cam Gugliemi, Danny Alexander, and Waylen Nelson. Cam showed his best side night one in the lot. Danny A was as gentle and sweet as they come. Waylen Nelson was simply a beast. A big, ox-strong, six foot plus man who never complained, injured or not, loved to play, and remarkably could chat and talk crap whilst pitching a full game. “Wayles” is the real deal. Genuine, studly, and awesome at baseball.

Nelson is arguably the most accomplished pitcher in league history. His stats and awards are off the chart. A multiple time pitcher of the year, playoff pitcher, and league MVP, the HOF’er has a championship to boot.

Dominant with the deuce, fantastic with the fastball, and cunning with the curve; Waylen Nelson is as good as they get.

Although injured this summer, Wayles is slowly making his return and looks to be ready to help take The Pirates to the promised land. We need to also recognize and thank Waylen for sponsoring our league this summer. His contributions this year have been massive. Below we’ve also attached a picture of a batch of rocket fuel produced on a Sunday by Nelson. He truly has blended himself, and his beverages, into the ongoing and prestigious RHMRBL tapestry. ~ TaliG