Veteran Star - Nick Polito

Nick Moore, Monday September 2, 2019

With the long weekend virtually behind us and the standings set we now shift our attention to the post season. 

Earning a bye is never an easy thing. It takes a complete team effort and a lot of good gameplay to challenge for the top spots. Nick “Polite-O” Polito is a player that consistently helps a team stay atop. Polito is a versatile young star who can pitch, catch, play IF and OF and do it all really well. Despite a late season injury that currently has him on crutches, Nick continues to attend games to support his squad.

Still in search of his first championship, Polito is a model of consistency and kindness. He is an exemplary teammate and consummate professional, always giving all he’s got to help.

Whether slugging it out at the dish or helping out on the field, Polite-O is one of just a few members you can truly count on.

It also needs to be mentioned that beyond the game, Polito is often one of the last standing players in the lot, closing out the evening’s festivities with lots of smiles and laughs. It’s incredible having this kind of a character in the league.

Here’s to many more years of smashing baseballs and endless smiles!