Veteran Star - Leo Scire

Nick Moore, Thursday September 5, 2019

Death. Taxes. Fly ball caught in left field. 3 “for sure” things in life, only if you have Leo Scire on your team. This 15-year veteran is as steady and solid as they come. He’ll make all the plays in the outfield, steal you a base, and just when you think he’s an easy out at the plate, he’ll slap a line drive over the infield’s head, as evidenced by one of his finest offensive campaigns this year.

Leo is a great student of the game often asking others about baseball strategy and fundamentals. He uses these tips and tricks to not only improve his game, but passes on the knowledge as coach to his kid’s baseball teams.

Although his offensive stats don’t immediately scream out Hall of Fame, if you take Leo’s perennial gold glove consideration, team-first attitude, parking lot enthusiasm, and all around character, he’s a first ballot in many people’s opinion.

As part of the 2019 Giants, Leo will be chasing his Championship hat trick and with him roaming the outfield, the team’s chances only goes up. ~ PSo