Rosters Locked, Let's Play Ball!

RHMRBL Admin, Monday March 9, 2020

The trade deadline has come and gone, and we now have our final 15 man rosters. After five trades (detailed after the jump) we're left with the following six teams.

Trade #1

To the Red Sox: Paulo Silva & Chris Raymer

To the Nationals: Garison Ma & Kevin Rye

Trade #2

To the Rangers: Dave Chong & Alan Kaplan

To the Yankees: Martin O'Brien & Angelo Italiano

Trade #3

To the Rockies: Darrin Pruss & Alan Akselrod

To the Red Sox: Mike Cooper & Aaron Prakash

Trade #4

To the Red Sox: Robyn Leon

To the Nationals: Garry Lam

Trade #5

To the Blue Jays: Spencer Korman

To the Rockies: Mike Hochman

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