A Message From Dr. Alan Kaplan

RHMRBL Admin, Sunday March 22, 2020

League legend Dr. Alan Kaplan has reached out to share some of his (and his colleagues') expertise and understanding on the COVID-19 situation. See message below:

Hi guys,
Looking forward to seeing all of you on the diamond, healthy and well. I attach a fact sheet on Covid 19 written by a colleague of mine in BC.

Bottom line
Social distancing is important, to prevent this virus which is very infectious, from spreading. It lives on surfaces for 72 hours, so the most important thing you can do is WASH YOUR HANDS!!

The doc who wrote the fact sheet feels masks are important,
I am not convinced of this right now because:

Being this is more on droplet spread vs airborne, masks are really mostly to prevent
a) someone who coughs or sneezes in your face
b) touching something and then touching your own face
c) presenting spread to others if YOU have any symptoms like cough etc

so, be smart, follow the social distancing rules and wash your hands after you do go out and try to not touch your own face.

Be well and stay safe,

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