In Memorial Of A Legend

RHMRBL Admin, Tuesday March 31, 2020

Yesterday the RHMRBL lost a legend. Father to Elisha, husband to Jane, and friend and alumnus to us all. Marv "Marvelous" Weiman was a personality larger than life. A friendly, talkative, competitive soul, he'd easily evoke a smile out of anyone nearby. He was a remarkably competitive spirit over his 20 year career at The Green. An ultra successful pitcher, he sits 4th all-time in wins, 3rd all-time in innings pitched, and 1st all-time in appearances. Inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2010, Marv served on the executive for 3 years as the VP of Sponsorship, and was a 7 time Reaper Cup Champion.  

He was the classic statesman. Often arriving at the diamond for Sunday games with enough cream cheese and bagels to serve his squad. He was extremely generous and always willing to help. Although he debuted in his mid forties, age wasn't a factor for him when it came to the game he loved. You couldn’t keep him away from the game. Up until his final season (for which he was returning from shoulder surgery), Marvelous logged innings with the best of 'em. His tenacious drive and passion for the sport kept him young, and for decades you'd swear that arm was made out of rubber!

Marv Weiman loved baseball and loved the RHMRBL. He was one of those guys that could recall every game with precision and detail. If he got you to pop up, ground out, or otherwise, he'd store it in the memory banks forever. He stuck out 324 batters during regular season play, and if you were one of them and you happened to forget, he'd remind you! He's been quoted as saying that some of his "greatest moments were striking out AJ Leitch and Jordan Levy". He lived for that stuff. He loved the brotherhood, the competition, the friendships, and the game.

Although now gone, he will not be forgotten. Marv bravely fought an almost 3 year battle with brain cancer. Even when visited in the hospital he'd make YOU feel special. He was kind and gracious to the very end. It truly speaks volumes as to how remarkable this man really was.

To many, Marv was an extraordinary man. To the RHMRBL he'll forever be a legend and remain simply Marvelous. You will truly be missed my friend. RIP.


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