Player Highlight: Matt Cooper

Martin OBrien, Saturday July 9, 2022

After a seven year layoff, Richmond Green was once again graced with the presence of defensive stalwart, Matt Cooper. The catcher came back in a big way on both sides of the field, hitting the ball with authority and being among the best behind the plate. 


Cooper has stepped up for the Mariners this year, taking on primary catching duties and acting as a steady middle of the order bat for the team. Currently batting .405, and being one of the most consistent Mariners in attendance, his team has leaned on him and his cool demeanour to help guide them through this season. 


Cooper’s greatness doesn’t just end on the diamond though, as you’ll find him in the lot after games offering advice to players, game planning in advance, and sharing stories ranging across all different topics of life. 


As the Mariners look to rise from their position in a chase for the vaunted Reaper Cup, look out for Matt Cooper to give opponents trouble at any moment of the game. RHMRBL has seen many a catcher come to and from the Green over its long and storied history, but few have been able to reach an elite status such as Cooper has. We all look forward to seeing Cooper continue to add to this league’s legacy for years to come!

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