Mid-Season MVP: Part 3 (Braves and Orioles)

Martin OBrien, Monday July 25, 2022

Welcome back to the final instalment of our Mid-Season MVP series. Today we will conclude by taking a look at the choices for both the Braves and Orioles' Mid-Season MVPs.

Braves: Jacob Klotz

Year after year, Jacob Klotz puts on an offensive showing few can ever attempt to match. With tons of power at the plate, and a patient eye, opposing pitchers know that they cannot stop him at the plate; they can only try to contain his potent bat. 2022 is no exception to this, as Klotz has continued to show off his impressive bat on the Braves. Having hit a home run and reaching near the top of the league with a 1.334 OPS, it's hard to argue against Klotz being the choice for Mid-Season MVP on the Braves.

Now add in the fact that Klotz plays up as one of the best catchers in the league. Showing off a cannon of an arm, as well as being among one of the best game callers and blockers in the league, his pitchers have come to love his game behind the plate, and opposing runners...well let's say they're not all too excited to see Klotz behind the plate.

Klotz will continue to offer the Braves a much-needed power bat and solid defensive presence, as he looks to work towards claiming his first MVP award since the 2016 season! Captain Lou will continue to lean on him as the face of his team as the first-place Braves look to claim the Reaper Cup!

Orioles: Brad Marks / Andrew Cozzolino

When asked for his pick of Mid-Season MVP, Orioles Captain Dickie was torn between two choices. After much discussion on the topic, the conclusion that was made was as simple as asking "Why not both"?

Brad Marks has been showing out for the Orioles this year, posting a .429 average, playing top-end defence wherever his team asks him to play and even stepping on the mound to pitch for the Orioles when needed. Many may ask how Marks continues to get better and better year after year; maybe it's his constant work to improve his game, or maybe his skills are found in his impressive hair. What is known for sure is that the Orioles will be relying on Marks as the season begins to wrap up, relying on his defensive prowess and bat-to-ball skills to ensure that any team in their way towards a Reaper Cup championship will be quickly dispatched.

Andrew Cozzolino made his return to RHMRBL after a 2 season layoff, and yet it feels as if he never left. Time off seems to be what he needed, as he's managed to put together his best offensive season ever so far. Posting a 1.175 OPS, hitting double after double, and being one of the best young bats in the league is nothing to scoff at. This comes into focus when you consider that he's doing this as one of the top catchers in the league. With his presence behind the dish, he's become an incredibly well-rounded player in his own right, and he makes sure to let everyone know just by the way he plays. Cozz has also stepped up this year to pitch for the Orioles, giving them much-needed arms during the early stretch of the season, and winning two games along the way. Cozzolino is a proven performer that any opposing team will be looking at come the playoffs as a true barrier to their own success. The Orioles will look for Cozz to continue his torrid pace, as he looks to earn his fourth Reaper Cup in five seasons!

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