Player Highlight: Geoff Stewart

Martin OBrien, Tuesday August 2, 2022

It’s not often our league is presented with a level of persistence and determination in a player that lasts for years on end. Many may give up in their attempt to join our storied league, and many who join may quickly find themselves leaving for a variety of reasons. Geoff Stewart is not one of those players. 

After trying out the past four seasons to join RHMRBL, Stewart has finally had the chance to carve out his playing career in the league. In his last 7 games, the catcher has put together a .440 average, hitting a triple for his first extra-base hit of the year, and stepped up in big moments to help the Cubs as they weather on through the season. 

Positivity beams from Stewart, as he’s often flashing smiles, telling all sorts of baseball and work stories, and cracking jokes whether it be on the bench between innings, or in the parking lot after games. In a league that has always stood for camaraderie, gamesmanship, and recreation, Stewart embodies what the league is all about. 

We look forward to seeing Geoff continue to take strides in his RHMRBL career and all he will do in the league! 

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