2024 Team Announcement and Live Draft

Martin OBrien, Tuesday April 2, 2024

It’s that time of the year once again. The snow is (hopefully) gone, jackets are slowly peeling off, and spring has brought hope eternal for the coming of the baseball season! 


As we prepare to celebrate our 40th season of RHMRBL baseball, let’s take a look at our teams ahead of the Live Draft this Saturday at Dave & Busters! 



With the first overall selection, co-captains Paul So and Martin O’Brien will be bringing back a bit of Québécois style for the season as the Expos! 


Picking second, Rick Berridge and Micheal Van Bommel look to plunder the draft as the Pirates! 

Next up comes returning captain Leo Scire with co-captain Spencer Korman who will look to stand above all this year as the Giants! 

Picking fourth is the pair up of Pierre Abrahams and Peter Amaral as they look to channel the Big Red Machine as the Reds! 

Pulling up with the fifth pick are co-captains Danny Alexander and Howland Chew as they plan to take flight as the classic Blue Jays! 

And finally, with the six pick comes the pairing of Eric Seidel and Nick Polito going into the season as the Dodgers! 

The captains have been working tirelessly to prepare for what could be the most interesting draft in RHMRBL history! 


We hope to see you all at Dave & Busters (120 Interchange Way, Vaughan, ON L4K 5C3) at 12PM this Saturday for the 2024 Live Draft! 


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