He's known league-wide by his simple nickname. Although not as stealthy as he once was, "Ninja" can still play the game, and has a knack for riling pitchers and reaching base. Our "Today's Stars" player is a 25-year survivor, 5-time champion, and Hall Of Famer (2000)Kent Chong.

Kent is one of the last long-time league survivors. He's seen some of the best come, and some of the greats go. Much like 'The Little Engine That Could’, Ninja keeps trucking on! It's truly awesome spending time with the Crown Jewel down in the lot, or pre game at The Green. He has a story for all, witnessing some of our league's greatest all time moments. Early on in his career, Ninja was an incredibly tough out. Often drawing the counts deep, this patient veteran has always been able to reach base either by patience or perseverance.

Chong's contributions to our great league is a long list. At social events you will always find him near a grill — taking care of the group. He has served multiple roles during his many years here on our executive. Ninja has even been Umpire-In-Chief, a league role held by very few.

We're hoping the Baseball Gods continue to smile down on this special star — guys like Kent Chong are what make this league so incredible!

Last Updated: Jul 3 1:04 PM