For those that never had the opportunity to play with “Jobu”, we’re sorry. For those that had the chance to play with “Dr. Funk”, you know the good times had. For everyone else, all you need to know is that “Desi” was a one-of-a-kind guy-friendly, jovial, and a pro Rocket Fueler! 

Desmond Williams grew up playing representational baseball with Thornhill. A superstar catcher, he was forced to play fewer games due to an ailing back and shoulder. Little did he know at the time, but this helped him search for alternative leagues-and along came the RHMRBL!

We can’t write “and the rest is history” but his story was just starting. Desi evolved into “Dr. Funk” in life, and his persona followed him into the league. The 3 time Svenner upped his parking lot game to meet, and eventually surpass, his baseball game. Magnetic in the lot, we were all drawn to his comical stories and witty rhetoric. Once the Rocket Fuel started flowing, Jobu was non stop laughs! 

Receiving the league’s highest honor in 2014, the Hall Of Famer finally succumbed to the injuries that started his descent.

He can still be seen from time to time catching a game at the Green or visiting old friends in the lot. Here’s to you Jobu!


Desi Front

Desi Back

Last Updated: Jul 30 2:17 PM