He is arguably the greatest third baseman to ever play the game. His EA sports rating is 94 only because New Balance used the wrong laces in his shoes costing him 3 points in the speed rating. A ball hit down the line... no problem-he’ll let pancake take this one. And when it comes to winning, let’s just say JLev would have two less titles if it wasn’t for him! If you doubt any of the above, then just ask Eric Seidel himself! He’ll let you know where you stand in relativity to his awesomeness!

Seidel is one of the most colourful league characters. A bellowing rusty voice, he truly is one of the most fun people post game.

Eric came up through the Thornhill farm system. As a rookie in 2010, he won it all playing on a legendary squad that included JLev, Carlito, Bammer, Lando, Adam Hook, PSo, Les White, Mookie, JA (also a rookie that year!), Barry Green, and Marvelous. 

Seidel can be an anchor to any squad, not because of weight, but simply because of his steady abilities. You know what you can expect out of Eric game in and game out. He won’t strike out much, always puts a good piece of the bat on the ball, is steady at 3rd base, and can come in to pitch in any situation. He has captained two squads in his 9 seasons, and has taken the Reaper Cup home twice.

“Mr. Gold Glove” has enhanced his entertainment value over the years. In 2012 he challenged Jay Rechtshaffen to a mustache shaving contest. With over 60 league members watching, the two battled head to head only to see Jay lose the contest and his stache (and Seidel branding him as Dirty Sanchez for life!).  Previous years he’s challenged Ninja to a hitter’s contest, and more recently players like Al Lunt to “Turtle Races”!

There’s no doubt that the RHMRBL is a colourful group of guys. There’s no better summer recreational league than the brotherhood we call home. 

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