What do you get when you are 3rd all time in wins and strikeouts, a Svenner, 2 time Manager Of The Year, 2 Time Playoff Pitcher, Season MVP, Pitcher Of The Year, 2 Time Captain, Reaper Cup Champion, and HOF (2011) recipient? You get one incredible superstar-Mike “The Kid” Vent!

“Venti” is one of the RHMRBL’s Crown Jewels. He’s accomplished everything a pitcher can in our league. His status may as well be ‘Legendary’! The Kid is a one-of-kind player that will never be duplicated.

His colourful on field presence is only surpassed by his even more boisterous parking lot routine. He can cut you down at the dish, and rob you with his glove. His dominance is noted statistically with his consistent innings and his ability to dominate the game single handedly. 

Care to chirp him? Probably not a good idea (unless you’re AJ Leitch!) It’ll only make him stronger on the mound. And if you do achieve any level of success, you’ll surely receive your punishment in the lot as he systematically picks you apart in the most humorous and comical way.

It’s hard to imagine a summer without The Kid. With his son now attending games regularly, it’s truly an honor if you have the chance to play alongside this legendary star! We hope Father Time grants us all another decade with The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Kid.

Vent Front

Vent Back

Last Updated: Aug 28 4:25 PM