Veteran Star - Eric Seidel

Nick Moore, Thursday July 18, 2019

Few players evoke as much response or conversation as today’s Veteran Star, Eric Seidel. Seidel blasted onto the scene in 2010 winning two championships in his first three years. The vibrant veteran posted career numbers last summer, and looks to be on steady pace to finish the 2019 campaign strong.

Best known for his defense and presence at the plate, Mr. GLDGLV is a perennial All-Star. 

The real Seidel appears post game. Always a party, his loud, rustic voice evokes smiles from all around. Whether James Allison is doing an impression, Jay Rechtshaffen is issuing a challenge, or the topic of awards is in the air, you can guarantee Seidel will be in the mix!

A huge personality with obvious presence, we’re happy you’re part of the RHMRBL brotherhood!