2020 Season Update (July 8)

RHMRBL Admin, Thursday July 9, 2020

Good evening gentlemen,

I hope you are all enjoying the summer (although I know it sucks without ball) and staying safe.

I know everyone is antsy for an update, so we wanted to let everyone know where we stand.

As of right now we are at the mercy of the Ontario Government and their rules. Although diamonds are now “open,” there are still no team sports/games allowed, and we are maxed at groups of 10. Until team sports are allowed and we are allowed groups of 30+, we simply cannot play.

We are optimistic that the Phase 3 announcement will happen soon, so we will see what they announce and go from there.

We realize it’s already mid-July, so time is running out. We promise that if we get good news in the next 2 weeks, we will do everything in our power to make a shortened season/playoff happen. We also promise that we will NOT rush the process and take unnecessary risks that put anyone in danger.  If we move forward with a shortened season, our final attempt to start would be Aug 6th and playing members will of course receive compensation for the significantly shortened season.

With that said, we will send another update in 2 weeks after we hear more from the government.

If any of the above concerns you or you have already decided you will not play this season, please let us know ASAP by responding to this email. We will work with you on a refund process for the fees that have not been spent to date.

Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon!


Jimmy Anderson Jr.



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