2022 Season In Memory of Marv Weiman

Martin OBrien, Thursday June 9, 2022

Just over two years ago, we said goodbye to a legend of the league. Marv “Marvelous” Weiman stood as an icon and titan of the league for his play on field, and his personality off it. Over the course of his 20 year career, the players of the Green were able to experience Marv at his competitive best, while getting to experience his friendly demeanour not so long after he’d retire them at the plate. 

In his career, Marv would put up 54 wins, while having the most amount of pitching appearances in the history of the league. The ageless wonder wowed the league with his pitching ability even late into his life, and never turned down a chance to get on the mound. His 7 Reaper Cups, and time on the Executive would help pave the way to his Hall of Fame induction in 2010. 

Marv was a man who loved RHMRBL baseball; rarely missing time on the diamond when possible. Every pitch, every at bat taken, and every out was ingrained in his memory (and likely yours once he told you with perfect accuracy how he got you out). 

After a 3 year bought with brain cancer, we were forced to say goodbye to Marv all too soon. And while he may not be at the Green with us in person, he still remains with us through the spirit of the game. 

In a touching memorial to Marv, members of the league banded together to find a way to ensure that he continues to be on the field with us. Emblazoned on each players jersey this year you will find a patch with Marv’s initials and number 44. From Opening Day to the final game of the Playoffs, Marv will continue to be with us on the field, just as he always did. A man who lived for baseball, we will now have an opportunity to carry his passion for the game across our chests each and every inning. 

We’d like to thank all those that came forward about the memorial for our dear friend, and we hope to see the competitive spirit and joyous personality of Marv shine through us all as we continue to come back to the RHMRBL with each passing summer. 

Gone, but never forgotten, Marv will always be part of the great tapestry that makes this great league what it is.