Mid-Season MVP (Part 1): A’s and Mariners

Martin OBrien, Tuesday July 12, 2022

With the mid-way point of the season now in the rear-view mirror, the time has come to award some of the very best players with the title of “Mid-Season MVP”. 


This season we’ve seen some amazing play all over the diamond, but six players in particular have earned the privilege of earning this honour from their Captains. 


Athletics: Jordan Webb


Jordan Webb has been everything captain Paul So could have asked for. Webb currently leads his team in hits, average, runs, doubles, and attendance, showing exactly why his team has been able to fight for the top spot in the 2022 season. 


Webb has been doing it on all sides of the ball. Being the most imposing bat on the A’s, alongside providing a steady glove in the middle infield and pitching a complete game gem on the season, Webb has constantly been able to step up when his team needs him in order to win games. 


When asked, Captain PSo said that “Webb is the clear cut mid-season MVP”, citing his consistent play and attendance as the reason why. 


Look out for Webb to continue his strong performance in the hopes of capturing his first MVP!


Mariners: Josh Winer


The Mariners have battled many an issue this season. Between injuries, attendance, and tough opponents, there’s always been one constant: Josh Winer. 


The team goes as he does, and Captain Lublin had nothing but praise for his first overall pick, naming him the Mariners Mid-Season MVP. Winer currently leads both his team and the league in batting average at .633, alongside being the top pitcher so far this season. 


Winer has managed to pitch 5 complete games so far this season, striking out 42 along the way to ensure the Mariners keep pace as the season continues on. 


When asked, Captain Lublin kept it simple in saying that Winer is “a consistent star leading our team in hitting and on the mound”. 


Winer’s impact will continue to be felt by his team, as they look to climb into a good position by season’s end. 


Look out for next two instalments of our Mid-Season MVP series over the next few days, as we cover the Twins, Cubs, Braves, and Orioles! 

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