Player Highlight: Mitch Sadofsky

Martin OBrien, Saturday August 20, 2022

Blistering fastball? Check! Potent bat? Check! Top end performance from both sides of the plate? Check! 

Coming off authoring his second one-hitter of the season, Mitch Sadofsky is well deserving of his highlight! A first round pick eventually ending up on the Orioles, it’s clear to see why he’s been taken so high. 

Currently leading the league in strikeouts thanks to his top-of-the-line arsenal, alongside his ability to pitch in any game or situation thrust upon him, it’s difficult to argue that he’s not among the best pitchers in RHMRBL. 

Even when not pitching, Mitch is still a force on the diamond. At the plate this season, he’s managed a career best 1.141 OPS thanks to his patient approach and penchant for extra base hits. Adding in his rocket arm and solid defence behind the plate, he’s given the Orioles everything they need as they gear up for a playoff push. 

Sadofsky will have a chance to get a final tune up in the coming weeks, as he attempts to continue his dominant season ahead of his team working towards winning a Reaper Cup! 

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