Reaper Cup Playoffs: Round 2 Recap

Martin OBrien, Saturday September 24, 2022

The Finals have begun! As we gear up for the finale of the 2022 season, let's look back at how we got here!


The Braves, coming off their victory over the Cubs, looked to take on the Twins in their matchup. 

Game 1 would have a star studded pitching duel between aces James Allison and Jordan Lipson. Both would show their best stuff on the mound, but the craft Allison would manage to help lead the Braves to victory on the back of his dominant start. 

Game 2 would feature yet another display of masterful pitching, as Darrin Pruss would square off against Garrison Ma. Pruss would manage to deliver for the Braves, giving them 6.2 innings of 3 run baseball! Ma would be victim to some poor defence from the Twins, before being lifted for Home Run Champ, Conner Stevenson. Stevenson would pitch 5 innings of relief for the Twins, but even with his blistering fastball, they could not overcome the combination of hitting and pitching the Braves offered. The Twins would be quickly swept in their series, and the moustachioed Braves now find themselves in the Finals! 

We now turn to the series between the A's and Orioles. 

Game 1 would feature another star studded matchup, as fireballer, Mitch Sadofsky would square off against Tony Minikakis. As the O's came ever so close to victory, they would find themselves gift wrapping a win to their opponents thanks to some poor defensive play in the 8th inning. 

The O's would storm back in game 2, as veterans Mike Vent and Alan Akselrod squared off. Vent would deliver for the O's, pitching with pristine control and relying on solid defensive and offensive performances from Tal Grossman, Mitch Sadosfky, and captain Richard Rendek! 

In a do-or-die game, both teams would turn to their game 1 starters again. While the game featured some strong offensive performances from both sides, it would be the Athletics who would hold on for the 12-8 victory. 

The Athletics and Braves now find themselves in a battle for the Reaper Cup. 5 games. Winner secures glory and a chance to hoist the vaunted trophy. Best of luck to both teams as we watch on to see how this season concludes!