2023 Captains Announcement

Martin OBrien, Friday February 24, 2023

2023 Captains

The time has come! After careful deliberation, we're proud to announce the 2023 Captain Pairings!

Jordan Levy and Richard Rendek start us off providing star power, cunning managerial skills, and the ability to win. Both veteran captains, watch out for them to put together a top end team this year!

Jordan Webb and Paul So find themselves teaming up to Captain this season! The League MVP and one of the most savvy Captains in league history will get a chance to repeat as Reaper Cup Champs this year!

Jacob Klotz and Chris MacLean continue our list, offering a combo of athleticism and youth amongst our captains! Which fresh eyes, perhaps these captains might recapture the magic of their 2022 Braves run!

Josh Winer and Rob Katz follow that up with high end pitching and top end fielding. Katz being no slouch when it comes to drafting, will look to once again put together a great team for the season!

Jordan Lipson and Rick Berridge create a strong battery amongst our captains. Offering consistency and the desire to win, this may look to be the year that gets them over the top!

Finally, we land on Mitch Sadofsky and Ryan Sourlis as Captains! A pair of veteran pitchers, they'll look to take on their fellow captains in a chase for the Reaper Cup!

The Draft is getting closer and closer! Who will be coveted in the first round? Who will make the savviest trade? The Captains now begin their planning for yet another incredible RHMRBL Season!