2023 Team Reveal and Draft Order

Martin OBrien, Monday March 27, 2023

Rookie Night has been completed and with that our Draft order has been set! Thanks to all those that came out to participate and tryout!

Welcome your 2023 teams! After much deliberation, our draft order is set!

Picking 1st overall will be the Mets, led by fiery pitchers Mitch Sadofsky and Ryan Sourlis!


The 2nd pick will go to the Padres, co-captained by the electric battery of Jacob Klotz and Chris MacLean!


Next with the 3rd pick comes the White Sox, led by crafty vet Paul So and 2022 MVP Jordan Webb!


The Rays will be picking 4th as the combo of Josh Winer and Rob Katz take on captain duties!


With the 5th pick, the Royals will look to construct another winning team led by Jordan Levy and Richard Rendek!


Finally, with the 6th pick comes the Dodgers, as Jordan Lipson and Rick Berridge will look to create a strong team to supplement their battery.

The 2023 Live Draft will be held on Saturday, April 8th @ Archibalds Pub! The Draft will begin at 12:30PM. We look forward to seeing you all there as our captains put together their teams!