2023 Draft and Trade Deadline Recap

Martin OBrien, Monday April 10, 2023

Midnight had struck and that means teams have officially been locked in! 

Let’s take a look back at the Draft and ensuing trades

The Mets with the first overall pick selected perennial Old Glove winner, Tal Grossman. The shortstop is looking to deliver another year of top end defence while being a force at the top of the Mets lineup. Backing up captains Sadofsky and Sourlis, they couldn’t go wrong with their first pick. 

Captains Klotz and McLean looked to bring the band back together, selecting the 2022 Pitcher of the Year, James Allison with the second pick. Consistent on the mound and at the plate, Allison is looking to help the Padres reach the Reaper this year after a heartbreaking end to his season last year. 

Following up these picks came the Blue Jays. Captains Webb and So looked for an all-around star with their pick, and they have definitely found one in selecting the 2022 Rookie of the Year, Josiah Pratt. The fireballer showed some incredible talent in his first season, giving it his all in every aspect of the game and he’ll look to deliver another great season. 

Captains Katz and Winer went with a tried and true pick for their first selection, going with All-Star, AJ Leitch. The shortstop offers the full package: plus defence, a feared bat, and the ability to come up clutch at any moment. He’ll look to help the Rays raise the cup this season!

The Royals, led by captains Levy and Rendek are looking to add to their trophy shelves with the addition of Tony Minikakis in the first round. An overpowering pitcher, Minikakis will absolutely steal games for his team on their way to a championship. Adding in a large amount of pop in his bat, the Royals look to have a formidable lineup!

Rounding out the first picks were the Dodgers. Captains Berridge and Lipson came across an all-around pick with incredible upside, taking the returning Derek Zaretsky with their pick. A flamethrower, power hitter, and high end catcher, the Dodgers were able to snag a player who will immediately make a difference during the year. 

After the Draft concluded, the trade market was absolutely buzzing. 

The first trade to come through the wire was a one-for-one between the Jays and Dodgers, exchanging Dave Chong and Brandon Lublin.

#1 - Sunday April 9

Following that trade up was the biggest transaction of the deadline, as the Padres and Rays agreed on a deal to send Barry Lexchin and Chris Moncayo for Chris Bascom and rookie, Sam Kadish

#2 - Sunday April 9

Finally, the Jays were active once again in trading one big bat for another, sending Kyle McKay to the Mets in exchange for Farhaan Mian

#3 - Sunday April 9

Teams are locked in, and it’s time to kick off the 2023 season! Best of luck to all teams as they play this year!