Player Highlight: Dylan Reeves

Martin OBrien, Tuesday June 27, 2023

Player highlights come back this week to bring some well deserved praise to a headliner of the 2023 Rookie Class! 

Offering a solid bat, speed unmatched by a majority of the league, positional flexibility that would make even the best utility players blush, and a plus arm on the mound, Dylan Reeves has decided to take RHMRBL by storm. 

The rookie Royal has stepped up for his team this year, filling in at any position asked of him, throwing meaningful innings, and being the top of the lineup bat they expected him to be when he was drafted. 

As the young star continues on with his impressive season, there’s plenty of reason to keep an eye on Reeves, as his potential is undeniable. Searching for his first Reaper in his rookie year, Reeves looks to set himself up for an illustrious career with RHMRBL.