2023 All Star Game Announcement

Martin OBrien, Friday June 30, 2023

RHMRBL All Star Game - July 23

After a long layoff, we are proud to announce the return of the RHMRBL All-Star Game!

Your Captains, alongside yourselves will have the chance to select who gets to represent your teams in the Mid-Summer Classic! 

For the first time ever, your teammates and peers will get the chance to participate in selecting an All-Star representative from each team! Look out for the poll soon for your chance to participate!

This year’s All-Star Teams will be captained by HOF Captains Jimmy Anderson Sr. and Les White! Our teams will also be highlighted with long-time League Alumni raring to join in on the action!

Join us July 23rd as our League’s best and brightest face off against one another! Game begins at 12:30 with a League-wide BBQ to follow with League Legend and Grill-master, Ninja, to host!

A day full of events, fun, camaraderie, and revelling in the spirit of the game and the League is soon to be upon us! What better way to honour the growing legend of the Green than to honour our best and brightest! 

Families, friends, alumni and fans of the game are not only welcome, but encouraged to come out for a fantastic day of RHMRBL Baseball!